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Terry Dunn of Man-made Noise during the recording of Mr Bleaney

Man-made Noise

1. Mr Bleaney 4.36
Lyrics: Philip Larkin
Music: Terence James Dunn
Produced: Terry Dunn/John Spence
Recorded: Fairview Studios, 4 January 2010

Man-made Noise is the creative vehicle of Terence James Dunn. Formerly the front-man and main songwriter with the band Ernest (Hedon, East Yorkshire), Terry (with the help of emerging producer James Markham) recorded his first solo album Man-made Noise in 2008. The album was released on Sonic Vista Recordings.

Following completion of Man-made Noise, Terry sold his house and embarked on a round the world trip armed with a guitar and a dictaphone. After an extended touring visit to Japan – financed by playing regular gigs to appreciative Japanese audiences (and where parts of this track were recorded) – he returned to Fairview Studios to complete the recording of Mr Bleaney for this album.

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