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10. Femmes Damnées 3.46
Lyrics: Philip Larkin
Music: James M. Orwin
Produced: James M. Orwin/John Spence
Recorded: Fairview Studios, 22 April 2010

James Orwin started playing the cello in 1984 (at the age of 5), and continued until the age of 13, playing for a time with the City of Hull Youth Orchestra. In the early 1990s he gave up the cello to concentrate on the guitar and began writing songs almost immediately. With influences that range from Glenn Miller to Eminem, he and a friend formed an acoustic duo, Scotch, and built up a sound reputation for themselves playing for two years in pubs in and around the city of Hull, before going their separate ways in the late 1990s.

More recently, he briefly joined The Kingstons as lead guitarist, and played with them until the band split up in 2007. He is currently recording a series of videos of  ‘cover’ songs for his YouTube channel (see the link below).

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